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Luciano Tortorelli in "Pizzicato Magazine" 


His playing is nuanced and technically sophisticated. He knows how to bring beauty and life to compositions.

Luciano Tortorelli in "Guitart Magazine"

October 2017

"The CD opens with the performance of three arrangements for solo guitar by Astor Piazzolla created by Luciano Tortorelli. The first piece Ausencias is a poignant piece, elaborated with great wisdom by Tortorelli.

Chiquilin de Bachin's elaboration is very beautiful and also that of the difficult Oblivion for solo guitar, in which the singing registers are rendered with excellent results on the dense harmonic texture of the composition"...

"...All in all, an excellent recording by Luciano Tortorelli and an absolutely recommended CD!"

Luciano in duo with Mauro Tortorelli in "Classical Guitar Magazine" 


"The playing by Italy's Tortorelli brothers is superb.

Very impressive, and also a lot of fun!"

Luciano Tortorelli in "SeiCorde Magazine"

January-March 2018

CD of the Month. Molino: Sonatas for guitar with accompaniment of violin.

"...The artistic level remains very high, and is a pleasure listen to the album, enjoying over an hour of good music being played divinely. Excellent work, worthy of attention"

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